Who Finds Coaching Helpful?

My coaching clients are already high functioning individuals. They simply want to deepen their sense of fulfillment and more fully express their gifts and potential.

Coaching clients are resourceful, capable, and committed to dreaming, envisioning, facing their fears, and taking actions to reach their own potential. Although Coaching is holistic and may explore a variety of areas, Clients tend to initially target one area of self expression such as:

  • Personal power:
    Naming and claiming gifts, passions, callings
  • Achievement:
    Challenging yourself to express potential and gifts in areas which excite you
  • Creativity:
    Expressing yourself in new ways
  • Search for Meaning:
    Finding balance, connection, and trust in the flow of life
  • Contribution:
    Helping make the world a better place without giving up your self
  • Performance enhancement:
    Giving the self permission to excel (sports, arts, work, etc.)

In addition to a general life enhancement and business performance coaching practice, Kathy has specialities with

Kathy Benham of Benham Consulting, LLC in Richmond, Virginia

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