Training Module Design

Training Modules are:
  • Individualized:
    Training Needs Assessments can be designed, administered and implemented to create the module for you!
  • Congruent:
    Learning objectives are matched to organizational objectives and values.
  • Integrative:
    Training is designed to have the highest potential for acceptance due to our goal of understanding the power of your company culture and its impact on change.
  • Flexible:
    Diverse learning styles are acknowledged and targeted.
  • Respectful:
    Diversity is honored and integral to all our workshops.
  • Accountable:
    Evaluative tools for all of our workshops are provided.
  • Foresighted:
    Recommendations for continuing the learning process are provided since we know that workshop learning is easily lost after participants leave a room.
Kathy Benham of Benham Consulting, LLC in Richmond, Virginia

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