Self Assessment: Therapist Coaching

Being a therapist is very stressful. Maintaining a sense of personal fulfillment and balance while being present to intense pain in others is challenging. Add the turmoil of the field with the onset of managed health care, and the person-hood of a therapist becomes potentially lost and overwhelmed.
  • Do you struggle with your value system and managed health care?
  • Has the field changed so much that you have lost your direction?
  • Do you feel burned out and depleted?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the business details of a private practice?
  • Are you constantly behind in the required paper work of your agency?
  • Are you confused about staying or leaving the field?
  • Do you have professional goals which you aren't reaching?
  • Has your own life become lost under the problems of others?
  • Do you have licensure or credentialing goals which you need help reaching?
  • Do you want to expand your practice to include training or writing but feel scared?
  • Has work stopped being fun?
  • Are you just entering the field and need a strategic plan for developing a practice?
  • Have you achieved success in the field but something is missing?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, Coaching may help you reassess your career to remember what called you to this healing field. As you clarify your values, coaching can help you discern and take steps to recreate a sense of balance, fulfillment and professional challenge.
Kathy Benham of Benham Consulting, LLC in Richmond, Virginia

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