Referral Assessment: Coaching Readiness for Clients

Coaching can be a powerful adjunctive service for certain clients who are in therapy with you. Clients need to be able to focus on their therapeutic work with you and still have the time and energy to devote to the Coaching process. 

When a client is processing history in therapy, a coaching alliance can help them stay connected to their future personal and/or professional goals.

Therapy clients might find coaching especially helpful as an adjunctive service when there is a specific project deadline, ADD challenges that respond more effectively to coaching, career discernement action steps, and business performance concerns or life enhancement goals. Coaching is most effective as an additional service when:

  • Current life situation is relatively stable and they are at a place of readiness to make external changes
  • There are no active addictions and there is at least one year recovery period for anyone in a 12 step program
  • Self sabotaging behaviors due to PTSD or an Axis Two diagnosis have been self monitored for at least one year
  • Client does not exhibit splitting or triangulation as a coping style
  • Client can articulate goals for coaching which are clearly different from the therapeutic goals established with you (example: exploring values for a possible career change, establishing accountability for a project completion, learning stress management tools) 
If your client meets the above criteria, then review the Life Enhancement Self Assessment with your client to determine whether Coaching might benefit him/her.

To discuss a referral, contact Kathy for more information on how coaching and your counseling can work together to create a powerful, cooperative catalyst for your clients.
Kathy Benham of Benham Consulting, LLC in Richmond, Virginia

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