How Is Coaching Different From Therapy?

Coaching explores the client's life constructs of fulfillment, spiritual beliefs and values, skill development and authentic living. Coaching takes place in the critical gap between what is and what can be.

The primary focus remains on the client's strengths and strategic plan even when blocks to implementing life changes are explored.

Although therapy also helps the client develop their strengths, it tends to have a more dominant focus on symptom reduction and healing.

Coaching is more similar to mentoring. It creates a context in which the client can create and implement a strategic plan for future goals based on a deeper understanding of their gifts and skills.

What if a coaching client needs to explore past issues in more depth? 

When the past significantly interferes with a Coaching client's ability to move forward, the Coach may recommend a referral to a therapist. If the client is already in therapy, Coaching can provide an exciting adjunctive service for the client to target future focused goals while working through past issues.

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