Business Performance Coaching

Kathy Benham has many years experience in both profit and non-profit settings. In addition to her business coaching, Kathy has taught management courses, provided ongoing business consultations and delivered numerous workshops on business relevant topics.

Business performance coaching packages can be created for an individual or group. A coaching package may stand alone or be an integrated follow up to a training or consultation specifically designed for your business.

Business performance coaching will help business professionals and entrepreneurs:

  • to define client goals
  • to assess professional skill areas which are highly effective already
  • to define the resources and strengths that support this effectiveness and increase the use of these skills
  • to take areas of high competency to the next level of excellence
  • to define areas which are "not quite working"
  • to create a "success structure" to create excellence in "challenge" areas
  • to develop a professional life which expresses his/her potential and gifts and is congruent to his/her values and authenticity
Kathy Benham of Benham Consulting, LLC in Richmond, Virginia

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